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Gib Strange read an incredible letter to AI that people are still talking about. Interested? Head over to his website and you can always listen to the podcast to hear it for yourself. We’ll announce the release of the episode soon. Bellow Wing provided an incredible live soundtrack that complemented the letters perfectly. Local actor Les Campbell was recruited to read the letter from the Whatcom Museum Archives, a letter written by Samuel B. Crockett about his adventures and travails journeying along the Oregon Trail in the 1840’s. John Kingsford-Smith’s grandfather was the Amelia Earhart of Australia, breaking records in the air. John read his Grandfather’s account of being shot down during the war. Evelyn Symes read her Uncle’s account of hunkering down in a foxhole during the Battle of Buldge in WWII. Harvey Schwartz read the encouraging poem he wrote to himself as he navigated University writing classes as a senior…citizen. Jose Chepe Anguiano read a letter written, but never sent, to an old flame and Jayne Entwistle, To Whom It May Concern’s producer, read a letter to Danny Trejo about their time working on a film together in New Mexico.

We introduced a new letter format at the November show; the communal letter. We set up a typewriter in the lobby of the New Prospect Theatre and invited folks to write a few lines. The result was…interesting, funny and sightly chaotic. We’ve decided to leave the typewriter with a brand new sheet of paper in it to see what can be created between now and the next show, DECEMBER 21st.


Thursday Nov 9th @ 7:30pm, Gib Strange will read a letter of his own creation at the next To Whom It May Concern. Knowing Gib, it will be something to think about long after the fact.

Gib Strange is a writer living in Washington. Poet Dennis McBride has described him as, “a kind of everyman’s Kierkegaard… His domestic genius is his ability to evoke sympathy for the absurd in the tragic comedy of being human.” Comic Brett Emerson has described him as “Ed Gein doing ASMR.” He is the author of the audiobook Notes From the Uncanny Valley, available at

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