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The Archie Letters!

Greg Veneklasen returns to To Whom It May Concern Saturday August 2nd with more of the Archie Letters. Greg’s Great Great Grandfather Archie Lee Harris was a civil engineer living in the wilds of Arizona in 1910. Archie was a prolific letter writer, writing almost daily to his betrothed on Catalina Island. Archie was involved in water reclamation and wrote of his trials traversing the Arizona landscape, his thoughts on Arizona’s ratification of the constitution and his dismay at  missing necessary dental procedures due to widespread thefts of the gold used by dentists at the time! Don’t miss this gentle and insightful glimpse into history.

Archie Lee Harris

Archie Lee Harris

Honest experiences disguised with pop, soul and some underlying jazz connotations

That describes the  musician for the August 2nd show! His name is Mike Bauer and we are already addicted to his video “Sugar!”

Mike will play a few original songs and then accompany the letters! Check out his video here and then check him out live next Saturday.

mikebauer_sugar_213 (1)

Still from “Sugar” courtesy of Liz Reinhardt


Mike Bauer Promo photo courtesy of Judy Wang


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