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Brian Gattas will be joining Tom Lenk on-stage at the LA Storytelling Festival, Wednesday Oct 15th, to improvise letters back and forth based on your suggestions.

A native of Albuquerque NM Brian, better known as just “GATTAS”, first got his SAG card on Melrose Place. His shoe made the final cut. Currently he has appeared in over 25 Feature Films, some of which include, Trust Me, The Bling Ring, Lovelace and Somewhere. He is also well recognized for his TV work which has included The Office, Community, Dexter and Brothers & Sisters.  He plays “Alex” on the award winning TV show Arrested Development. Look for him in the upcoming TV shows Aquarius & Looking. He also produces and performs in the ever-popular show “Celebrity”  at IO West (Improv Olympic)

Brian Gattas

Brian Gattas

To buy tickets for the Wednesday October 15th show:

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