To Whom It May Concern

A Live Monthly Show


Allyson Adams wrote a beautiful and heart-felt letter to Paris Jackson after Paris’ 2013 suicide attempt, empathizing with her loss and certainly a loss felt around the World, she will share that letter April 4th!

Robin Roberts returns to the letter show with an admonishing letter from Mattel about appropriate Barbie Fan Club etiquette!

Steve La Rue and Laura Parker round out the line-up along with a letter by To Whom It May Concern Producer, Jayne Entwistle. Add Adam Levy’s music to the mix and the brilliant quirk of improviser Ben Siemon and it’s sure to be a cracking night at To Whom It May Concern!

Allyson LauraParker2 LSWF BenSiemon Adam - Copy Jayne Brown 292


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