To Whom It May Concern

A Live Monthly Show


Anna Metcalf will read a letter February 7th that is a time capsule in its own right. A letter written at a time when the war in Cambodia raged on and Neil Armstrong took that first, illuminating step.
Adam Gropman shares letters he wrote from camp that can also be found in the MORTIFIED books.
If Michele Seipp’s letter to her ex co-workers is any indication, she really did have the job from Hell!
Jess McKay will show what happens when an internet scammer aka “catfisher” meets an actor willing to perform their role to the penultimate end!
Jayne Entwistle, a To Whom It May Concern Producer, will read a letter to the criminal who stole her beloved Cadillac!
The musician for the February show will be William Hawkins, Soulful and erudite!

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