To Whom It May Concern

A Live Monthly Show


Wednesday October 15th following The Moth, To Whom It May Concern is bringing the best of the letters to the LA Storytelling Festival!

Festival Producer Michael Patrick Duggan will read that insanely funny, albeit strange, letter from an old friend, remember that one?

Ray Barnhart reminding us that tone is everything when he reads his letter from an old Bible College friend.

Elina Gorelik returns with her letter about growing up in Minsk and the dreadful catastrophe that changed her life.

Tom Lenk and Brian Gattas will improvise letters back and forth based on your suggestions.

Jayne Entwistle can’t decide between her letter to a politician with questionable hygiene and her letter to The Discovery Channel.

The Singer and The Songwriter return with their delectable sound!

And this is how you get to attend:


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