To Whom It May Concern

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The August Podcast!

The August podcast is here and it’s a good’un!

Greg Veneklasen returns with the Archie Letters. In this installment, Greg’s Great Great Grandfather Archie is weathering out a storm on Thanksgiving Day 1919 that threatens to wash away the tent, thanksgiving dinner and the pie he has been promised by the camp cook.

Christine Blackburn, who has her own podcast called “Storyworthy”, reads letters she wrote to her big sister when she was nine years old. Apparently, The Fonze played an important roe in her formative years!
Mindy Sterling and Kevin Berntson (both Groundlings Alums) improvise  letters from an auto shop to a customer that leaves the audience screeching!
Deana Barone reads an honest, albeit intense, letter to an ex-boyfriend that has an interesting outcome.
To Whom It May Concern’s Producer, Jayne Entwistle, reads a desperate letter to the Discovery Channel.
The musician for this episode is Mike Bauer.
**past shows can be found on the Podcast Page.

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