To Whom It May Concern

A Live Monthly Show


Saturday August 2nd the letter show boasts a stand-out line-up of letters (real and improvised) and soulful music!

Mindy Sterling and Kevin Berntson will improvise a series of letters based on your suggestions! Christine Blackburn has letters she wrote when she was 9 years old to her older sister and Deana Barone has some words of advice for an ex-lover. Greg Veneklasen returns with the Archie Letters, correspondence from the early 1900’s that give us a glimpse¬†into¬†history and To Whom It May Concern Producer will read a letter to The Discovery Channel about an acting job gone awry! Mike Bauer will play a few songs and then accompany the evening and we can’t wait to hear that! The Lyric-Hyperion Theater and Cafe has a big old deck for sipping wine and cooling off and boasts a tasty menu of salads and sandwiches, craft beer and gourmet sodas. It’s your beginning, middle and end Saturday night plans wrapped up into one!


Mindy Sterling



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