To Whom It May Concern

A Live Monthly Show

The June Podcast Is Here, Yay!

Greg Veneklasen reads letters from his Great Great Grandfather Archie in the early 1900’s to his soon to be wife, residing on Catalina Island, about daily life as a civil engineer in Arizona. Archie was a prolific letter writer and through his letters, he provides an insight into history we feel is worth paying attention to. Listen for more of the “Archie Letters” in future podcasts!

Michael Patrick Duggan reads a letter from an old friend and judging from the tone of the letter, ex-friend that has the audience roaring – both with laughter and disbelief.
Based on an audience suggestion, Peggy Etra and Henry Watkins improvise correspondence between siblings during WWII.
Marisol shares her heartbreaking story about the murder of her younger brother and the letters that followed in the wake of that tragic loss.
To Whom It May Concern Producer Jayne Entwistle reads a letter to the infamous Ron (the hedgehog) Jeremy.
Music for this episode was splayed by Tracy Taroy.
To listen to the podcast go to the podcast page or click HERE!

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