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Saturday May 2nd Katie Ferrara will join the letter show to provide the soundtrack for the evening. We will also see the return of Chris Sheets and Grant Baciocco. The last time they were on the show they improvised letters as Victorian Crime Fighters. We can’t wait to see what they come up with (on the spot) Saturday.

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Saturday May 2nd sees the return of a few favourites and some new stand-outs!

Ray Barnhart read a letter back in February 2014 from an old Bible College friend. Ray returns with more letters involving his Alma Mater.

Jill Demby Guest shared a heart felt letter she wrote to her beloved who had recently passed away and she follows up that letter with a companion piece.

Joining the May 2nd line-up are Lisa Malone, Jayne Entwistle and the voice of GI Joe, Bill Ratner.

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Ray Barnhart

Ray Barnhart

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Jayne Entwistle


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