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To Whom It May Concern is lucky to have not one but two talented Women from the storytelling community reading letters Saturday August 2nd! Deana Barone from The Trunk Show and Christine Blackburn from Storyworthy!


Christine Blackburn

Deana (1)

Deana Barone

The Archie Letters!

Greg Veneklasen returns to To Whom It May Concern Saturday August 2nd with more of the Archie Letters. Greg’s Great Great Grandfather Archie Lee Harris was a civil engineer living in the wilds of Arizona in 1910. Archie was a prolific letter writer, writing almost daily to his betrothed on Catalina Island. Archie was involved in water reclamation and wrote of his trials traversing the Arizona landscape, his thoughts on Arizona’s ratification of the constitution and his dismay at  missing necessary dental procedures due to widespread thefts of the gold used by dentists at the time! Don’t miss this gentle and insightful glimpse into history.

Archie Lee Harris

Archie Lee Harris

Honest experiences disguised with pop, soul and some underlying jazz connotations

That describes the  musician for the August 2nd show! His name is Mike Bauer and we are already addicted to his video “Sugar!”

Mike will play a few original songs and then accompany the letters! Check out his video here and then check him out live next Saturday.

mikebauer_sugar_213 (1)

Still from “Sugar” courtesy of Liz Reinhardt


Mike Bauer Promo photo courtesy of Judy Wang


Mindy Sterling Improvises a Letter!

Mindy Sterling is a hilarious and versatile actress and improviser known for her role as Frau Farbissina in the “Austen Powers”  Movies, Mitzi Kinsky in “Desperate Housewives” and more recently as Janice on “Legit”.  She is bringing some of that hilarity to the show Saturday August 2nd where she will improvise a letter based on your suggestions!



If you sent us an email or submission over the past few months we would sure love it if you would consider re-sending.

Technology, what can we say and no…the irony is not lost on us, this being a letter show and all!


The June Podcast Is Here, Yay!

Greg Veneklasen reads letters from his Great Great Grandfather Archie in the early 1900’s to his soon to be wife, residing on Catalina Island, about daily life as a civil engineer in Arizona. Archie was a prolific letter writer and through his letters, he provides an insight into history we feel is worth paying attention to. Listen for more of the “Archie Letters” in future podcasts!

Michael Patrick Duggan reads a letter from an old friend and judging from the tone of the letter, ex-friend that has the audience roaring – both with laughter and disbelief.
Based on an audience suggestion, Peggy Etra and Henry Watkins improvise correspondence between siblings during WWII.
Marisol shares her heartbreaking story about the murder of her younger brother and the letters that followed in the wake of that tragic loss.
To Whom It May Concern Producer Jayne Entwistle reads a letter to the infamous Ron (the hedgehog) Jeremy.
Music for this episode was splayed by Tracy Taroy.
To listen to the podcast go to the podcast page or click HERE!

Tonight Julie Brown, Bullies and Summer’s Eve!

Don’t miss To Whom It May Concern tonight at 8pm at The Lyric Hyperion Theater and Cafe. We have an outstanding assortment of letters and guests including the incomparable Julie Brown – yes that Julie Brown, a letter to 8th grade bullies by Sara McChesney, improvised correspondence by Chris Sheets and Grant Baciocco and a letter to Summer’s Eve – yes that Summer’s Eve! The whole thing will be accompanied with music by the haunting and beautiful Jessie Payo!

Saturdays Show!

The musical guest for Saturday July 5th is Jessie Payo. Her music is described as “Good American music giving praise to the darkness to see the light” Jessie will play a few original songs and then accompany the letters. You can listen to a preview of her music at

Jessie - Copy


Grant Baciocco and Chris Sheets return to the show, this time to improvise some correspondence! Both are consummate improvisers; Grant can be seen with the Jim Henson touring company “Puppet-Up!” and Chris works with Patrick Bristows company “Improvatorium”.

chris grant

Jonathan Braedly Welch reads a letter he wrote to his 80’s idol!

2014-03-07 at 12-08-03 - Version 2


Christine Schoenwald, no stranger to the story-telling World, reads a “harsh” letter from an ex-beau not willing to let her go!

To Whom Pic



Julie Brown is reading a letter!

Julie Brown, singer, comedian and actress joins To Whom It May Concern Saturday July 5th! Julie Brown was discovered by Lily Tomlin while doing stand-up. Tomlin cast her in the film, “The Incredible Shrinking Woman”. After writing and starring in “Earth Girls Are Easy” with Jim Carrey and Geena Davis, Julie skyrocketed into the national spotlight. Some of her other commended movie roles include “Attack of the 5’2” Women”, “Plump Fiction”, “Like Mike”, “Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment” and “Clueless”.

200px-Official_Julie_Brown_portrait - Copy

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