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A few of the letters you will hear Saturday June 7th:

Greg Veneklasen’s Great Great Grandfather wrote letters home in the early 1900’s as he investigated bringing water to parts of  California and Arizona. We were particularly interested by his documentation of the rash of thefts that robbed dentists in his small town of their sheets of gold!!!

Marisol reads a letter her Mother wrote to the prison parole board – a frontier of despair we hope few have reason to encounter.

Jayne Entwistle reads a letter about the frontiers of Hollywood that involve a chicken, Ron Jeremy and the sanctity of the powder room!

Live show Saturday June 7th at The Lyric Hyperion Theater and Café!


Podcasts and Superheroes!

The April podcast is here and the impromptu theme would be appear to be family!

A Mother’s letters to her daughter at camp, A Father’s letters from prison, A letter to an Aunt who pulled an unusual and disturbing prank and a homage to a beloved pet that illustrates the power of love. The variable was an improvised poison pen letter!

Michael Oosterom improvises the poisonous letter and plays music on the April podcast and Zachary Barton, his wife, reads the letter to their beloved cat, Allie. They just released their webseries AdvoCat and we think it deserves your eyeball!

Give it a look and pass it on!

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