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Carrie Seim Reads us a Letter!

To Whom It May Concern is fortunate that Carrie Seim is sojourning on the West Coast for a spell. When not travelling the World writing about her adventures, she is a regular columnist for the Huffington Post and the New York Post! Saturday May 3 she will read letters between herself and her virtual assistant.



Jordan Black improvising a letter!

Jordan Black is joining To Whom It May Concern Saturday, May 3 to improvise a letter based on an audience suggestion and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Jordan is a consummate improviser, actor and comedian who can be seen on Key and Peele, Ask a Slave and The Black Version, a Groundlings show he co-created with Phil LaMarr, Gary Anthony Williams and a handful of other seriously talented people!

jordan black

The Singer and The Songwriter!

The Singer and The Songwriter are the musical guests for the Saturday May 3rd live show! Tran’s pop and folk influenced songwriting and Garcia’s jazz and blues vocal styling blend together to create The Singer and The Songwriter’s vibrant, sophisticated sound. Their music is a stylistic hybrid, reflecting their diverse musical and cultural backgrounds.


The Letters are Moving!

To Whom It May Concern bids a fond farewell to Rafas and a warm welcome to The Lyric-Hyperion Theater and Cafe! Not only do we have a new venue, we have a new night! The first Saturday of the month at 8:00pm. Next show Saturday May 3rd. There will still be letters, music and libations!


We are always on the lookout for letters. Check out the submissions page if you have a letter.




The March Podcast is here!

Tom Lenk, recurring star on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, reads an awkward fan letter. Lisa Waugh-Kragen and Chris Sheets return with more letters from the South. Colleen Smith, a regular at the Groundlings and Jim Henson puppeteer, improvises a friend break-up letter and Mary Jo Smith reads a powerful letter to her attacker. To Whom It May Concern’s Producer, Jayne Entwistle, reads a letter about a childhood curiosity gone embarrassingly wrong! Live music played by Troy Taroy. Have a listen!

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